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We are a community of businesses and individuals dedicated to the wonderful business of moving.
Join us to share opportunities, technology and to make more money.

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Free moving software

Manage your moves and money effortlessly anywhere you have internet.

Bookamove Software

Online booking platform

Bookamove is the first site to offer consumers the power to
book a mover after comparing prices, profiles and reviews.

Pay when you get paid, 7% booking fees
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Cash referral rewards

Simply refer anyone to bookamove and record their name, email, or phone number. If they book a move, you make money.

Earn 10% referral rewards How it Works

Moving Crew on demand

Search for crew on our members only platform. Compare ratings and profiles to hire the best

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We are stronger together

Bookamove is a growing community of movers that share a virtual office space and more. We share work opportunities, purchasing power, and mutual support with the goal of being successful business owners.

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